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Luxury Lab Cosmetics

Luxury Lab Cosmetics è una affermata società italiana, con sede a Milano, specializzata nella distribuzione di cosmetici e fragranze del segmento lusso.
La competenza e l'esperienza pluriennale nel settore della cosmesi e delle fragranze e l'elevata qualità dei servizi offerti, hanno reso Luxury Lab Cosmetics un partner ideale per le aziende che intendono introdurre o valorizzare il proprio brand sul mercato italiano ed internazionale. Il nostro team, attraverso la professionalità ed il gusto estetico acquisiti nelle più esclusive aziende del lusso e della moda, opera da anni con successo nel mercato dell'estetica professionale, della cosmesi e delle fragranze come distributore di alcuni tra i più prestigiosi marchi del settore. L'attenzione allo sviluppo dei nostri brands ha consolidato un sistema di partnership con i nostri clienti attraverso un'attenta selezione dei prodotti, delle attività e dei punti vendita


diamond white glowing mask 2 100ml

DIAMOND WHITE GLOWING MASK è una straordinaria maschera dalla texture leggera che dona un’azione lenitiva, rinfrescante e calmante fornendo un’efficace azione anti macchia.Questa straordinaria maschera è formulata con estratto di melograno, che contiene acido ellagico, un potente ingrediente dalle elevate proprietà antiossidanti e depigmentanti.

DIAMOND WHITE GLOWING MASK uniforma efficacemente il colorito della pelle minimizzando inoltre i pori; fornisce un’intensa azione idratante che aiuta a riequilibrare la presenza di melanina e riduce la perdita di acqua transepidermica. La sua texture cremosa dona un effetto rimpolpante e illuminante, rivelando una pelle radiosa e perfettamente uniformata.

Applicare settimanalmente sulla pelle adeguatamente detersa lasciando in posa per 15-20 minuti.


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Hydrating, anti-aging protective veil with vitamin A

ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE RETINOL FLUID is the latest addition to NATURA BISSÉ’s anti-aging ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE LINE. This silky, ultra-hydrating, antiaging fluid for daily use contains retinol to restore the natural identity of a youthful complexion. Deeply penetrating hydration immediately boosts the skin with a healthy glow, increases elasticity and minimizes expression lines and wrinkles.

Its formula, containing retinol (vitamin A), Hydro-24 Complex, a cocktail of amino acids (collagen, elastin…), soy proteins, mushroom extract and wheat germ extract, gives skin an extraordinary ability to maintain hydration and creates a light veil –like a second skin that doubles the moisturizing benefits of your regular cream. In addition, retinol deeply regenerates skin, visibly softening wrinkles while providing exceptional antioxidant action
to effectively defeat premature aging.

Day by day, skin’s texture feels noticeably smoother and more velvety, pores are minimized and skin tone is enhanced with renewed clarity. Signs of aging fade, restoring resilience and balanced hydration with a time released formula for long wearing results.
The lightweight, non-greasy texture makes this a perfect choice for men as well as combination skin.


distributorseal lr

Welcome AHAVA!

The Dead Sea is a natural geological wonder formed throughout the millennia and located at the bottom of the world, some 427 meters below sea level.
It's a region filled with mystique and is a study in contrasts. Far from reflecting its name, the Dead Sea thrives with life-enhancing ingredients with proven regenerative properties. It provides one of the world's highest concentrations of minerals suitable for skin-related healthcare. The climate is dry and the sands of the desert engulfing it are parched, and yet it produces the greatest abundance of skin-hydrating minerals on Earth.

Saturated in healthy salts, the waters of the Dead Sea cause bathers to float rather than sink. And because it is located on the lowest point on the planet there are supplementary filters in the region's dense atmosphere that act like natural sunscreens and a higher concentration of pure, unpolluted oxygen. All of these unique factors add up to make the Dead Sea the largest and richest natural spa on Earth, featuring exceptional, health-enhancing properties.


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In 1988, we began clinical research into the powerful effects of its rich selection of minerals in facilitating skin renewal, forming AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories. And we haven’t stopped since – exploring the richness of these natural skin-replenishing treasures and optimizing them with scientific precision in bringing the finest nature-inspired Dead Sea face and body care products to market.

A truly unique, concentrated extract of mineral-rich Dead Sea water, the AHAVA Osmoter™ was created using a natural evaporation process. It contains scientifically balanced levels of Dead Sea minerals to enable the skin to optimize its cell functions.
Leveraging the principles of the natural water-sharing process that takes place between skin cells, known as osmosis, the clinically-proven formula, which powers our entire product range, draws moisture and nutrients from the depths of the skin up to the outer layers of the epidermis where it is needed the most.

Over the years, we have cultivated a unique brand identity that is synonymous with the richness, purity and natural goodness that define this mineral rich basin. Through our ongoing efforts, we have rightfully earned the reputation as the definitive Dead Sea cosmetic brand.
True to our philosophy of protecting the innate beauty and resources of the region, we have cultivated a passionate and caring relationship with the Dead Sea, working diligently and carefully along its hypnotic shores. AHAVA's activities are undertaken with a view towards preserving the pristine environment and delicate balance of the natural forces in the Dead Sea region and comply with stringent international quality standards.
Our manufacturing processes are non-polluting and environmentally conscious. No animals are involved in testing phases and all of our products are encased in recyclable tubes, bottles and jars.

All AHAVA face and body products are: paraben free, SLS/SLES free, allergy tested, approved for sensitive skin, not tested on animals, produced without petroleum, harsh synthetic ingredients, or GMOs.

The brand AHAVA today is distributed by Luxury Lab Cosmetics exclusively on Italian territory and it is present in over 30 countries worldwide in select department stores, perfumeries and branded stores.