5 Ways To Fall Into Autumn Skincare

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of your skin, as inevitable as the leaves falling from the trees. As the warm summer humidity gives way to the dry, cool days of autumn, your skincare routine is as important as ever. Here are five ways to care for your skin when the fall comes around.

1) Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells

The colder months can wreak havoc on your skin due to the cool, dry weather. Not only are you attacked by cold air outside, indoor facilities will pump the heat. This dries out the air — and dries out your skin in the process. To keep your skin fresh, try a hydroxy acid skin wash. This will open up your pores and remove dry, dead skin cells. You should aim to exfoliate about once a week, and follow your exfoliation with a lightweight moisturizer to keep your skin happy.

2) Protect Against Dry Weather

They say prevention is the best medicine, and this rings true when dealing with autumn skincare. To protect your skin against the elements, choose a gentle and non-clogging cleanser (as opposed to soap, which can dry your skin out further) and follow it up with a lightweight moisturizer. While your face will receive the most exposure when outside, don’t forget the rest of your body! Without the humidity in the air, your whole body is at risk for dry skin. Put some natural lotion on your nightstand and work it into your hands, arms and legs before bed. Finally, while hot baths are a treat in the colder months, go easy on the bubbles, which will dry your skin out further. These tips will keep your skin fresh and healthy, even when fighting those autumn winds.

3) Choose The Right Makeup

If you like to enhance your natural beauty with a little bit of makeup, use this as a chance to weatherproof your skin. Many foundations include moisturizing and sun protection, which makes getting your skin ready for work in the morning a breeze. You can also use Vitamin C-enhanced products to protect against that early autumn sun and keep your skin young.

4) Watch Your Diet

While it’s tempting to fill the autumn months with comfort foods and pumpkin-flavored coffee drinks, remember that what you eat plays a role in how your skin looks. To keep your skin healthy and clear, try to keep a clean diet of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy omega-3 fats. Avoid sugary pumpkin drinks and opt for this healthy vegan recipe instead! Your skin will thank you!

5) Drink Enough Water

It can be easy to drink enough water in the hot summer months, when your body is begging to stay hydrated. However, drinking your 64 ounces a day is just as important in the fall months, when the weather threatens to dry out your skin. Because your skin cells rely on water, it makes sense that keeping hydrated will have a direct effect on your appearance. Make it easy to drink your fill with a colorful and portable water bottle, or spice things up for the fall by placing an herbal tea bag — think apple cinnamon — in your agua.

Autumn can be a great time to gear up for a new school year or to set new work goals. It’s a season of change! Make sure your skin is up to the task with these five simple tips and bring on the cool weather!

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