4 Beauty Tips to maintain a long and beautiful tan after summer

Each summer we all live in the myth of the perfect tan, but above all, we are always looking for advice on how to keep the tanning well, even after returning to the city and, unfortunately, the end of the sigh of rest. Compliments like “Look how tanned you are!” are always great to receive and keeping them alive for as long as possible gives us the illusion of being still on vacation.

So let’s look at 4 simple and quick tips to keep the dyeing, beauty tips for your own skin, which, moreover, protect and nourish it: two very important factors to consider after having undergone heat and sunlight.

Choose the right sunscreen

It seems common, but it is not. The secret of a perfect tan starts from the protection we choose for our skin, which must be adapted to our phototype in the first place, but also to the good sun exposure rules. In the first days a total screen or a 50 / 50+ protection is recommended to get used to the skin and avoid sunburn. These, in fact, are the first enemies of a tan that lasts for a long time and, moreover, in the most sensitive skin can lead to dermatitis and erythema. When the skin begins to be golden we can go down to lower filters 2It constantly moisturizes the skin

Hydration and Moisture

Skin hydration must be one of our mantras, every season of the year. More importantly in the summer, when body and face are subjected to more oxidative stress, hydration must become the center of our thoughts. After a day in the sun we choose a cream that, in addition to nourishing, is soothing and refreshing and quick absorption, so that it becomes a compulsory ritual, but extremely enjoyable. Let’s remember to repeat it after the shower, but also before going to sleep. The gestures will also accompany us back from the holidays and will be the first effective way to keep the dye long and prevent the skin from drying and thus creating the much hated and dreaded “hauled” effect.

Hydrate from the inside

We said that moisturizing the skin is one of the most important factors to keep the tanning long, but also moisturize the body from the inside it is. Drink plenty of water, eat vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits preferring foods such as carrots that thanks to the high concentration of beta-carotene, favor melanin production. A good help to maintain tonicity and hydration can also come from supplements, in this regard we would like to advise Hyaluronfiller of Proceanis, a vegan friendly hyaluronic acid that combines liquid hyaluronic acid with a complex of dermatologically tested micronutrients and a melancholy extract . Hyaluronic acid can bind a quantity of water that corresponds to 6,000 times its volume, making it a perfect moisturizing and volumizing agent. The Vitamin-B complex made up of biotin, niacin and riboflavin combined with vitamin A, C and Zinc antioxidants gives a healthier skin. Lastly, pomegranate is known for its high content of flavonoids, antioxidants and its disinfectant properties. All these features make the product useful to regenerate the skin from the inside and make it more beautiful, healthy and bright for a long

Do a face or/and body scrub

Often, when you are tanned, you make the mistake of not wanting to do scrubs to avoid getting rid of the tintar: wrong! A scrub, as in your usual routine, 1 or 2 times a week helps the skin regenerate and eliminate the dead cells that would, in the long run, have the same “sting” effect we mentioned earlier. It is better to do it, even when you are on vacation, unless it is a scrub too aggressive and our skin has not suffered any trauma like burns or erythema. In these cases, it will be useful once we are totally healed. 

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