AHAVA NEW Dunaliella Algae Refresh and Smooth Peel Off Mask


Powered by Dunaliella Salina Algae, one of the only living things able to survive the most-saline waters on Earth, innovative Peel-Off Mask revives and nourishes stressed and tired skin.

AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories announced the global launch of its latest skincare innovation, the new Dunaliella Algae Refresh & Smooth Peel-Off Mask, to revive and nourish stressed skin. This mask revitalizes, purifies and rejuvenates, with the help of a remarkable, yet unusual plant from an extraordinary ecosystem.

Dunaliella is able to survive in the harsh environment, because it naturally produces high quantities of vitamins and antioxidants. Most notably, Dunaliella is exceptionally rich in Beta-Carotene, an antioxidant the body naturally converts into retinol (retinol is essential for healthy collagen production). The Algae contains essential vitamins, and anti-oxidants. The potent Algae helps:

• Smooth skin and fights wrinkles/fine lines

• Protect your skin from harmful UV and signs of photo-aging.

• Slow aging by protecting against free radical damage.

AHAVA’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Ze’evi Ma’Or explains,

“The story of Dunaliella Salina is very powerful. Over 100 years ago, people believed that the Dead Sea was a sterile environment. In the 1940s, a young scientist, who later became a famous researcher went to the Dead Sea to sample the minerals. What he found there was an organism, which he named Dunaliella Salina, which we sustainably use in skincare. It has special benefits on the skin, and can protect the skin.”

AHAVA couples Dunaliella with Dead Sea minerals like calcium and magnesium, as well as black bamboo charcoal. These minerals help minimize blackheads, maximize the skin’s absorption of the beneficial substances, restore skin’s integrity and leave the face feeling smooth and fresh. The antioxidants in Dunaliella improve skin elasticity and undo the aging effects of sunlight and free radicals.

As you use the Dunaliella Algae Refresh & Smooth Peel-Off Mask, to help decrease fine lines and wrinkles, removal of blackheads and a fresh, rejuvenated appearance. Algisium further helps boost your skin’s integrity.

The mask’s skin-friendly ingredients and texture make it a pleasure to apply, and its citrus scent leaves skin smelling as great as it feels. After applying the mask, wait 15-20 minutes to let it dry. Smile to loosen the mask, and it’ll peel off easily in one piece. There’s no residue – just tight, supple, smooth, moisturized skin beneath.

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