The origin of Cellcosmet and Cellmen ranges is the beginning of a story, rich in scientific and human endeavour. Switzerland’s unrivalled excellence in technology, quality and precision coupled with the passion of Cellap’s founders is at the heart of the international renown our beauty lines enjoy in the world of skin care.

Inspired by cellular therapy, cellular cosmetics came into existence in Switzerland in the 1980s. It was inspired by the medical application developed in 1931 by the founder of cellular therapy, Swiss Professor Paul Niehans. However, it would prove to be a long scientific journey before this revitalising technique could be successfully applied to the world of cosmetics. Created in 1987 by Cellap Laboratoire, the Cellcosmet Swiss cellular and phyto skincare have been studied and formulated to respect both the inherent qualities of female skin and its physiological age. Packaged in white, red-topped boxes, stamped with the Swiss cross, the Cellcosmet packaging represents both the purity of the creams and the vitality of the ingredients contained within.

The identity of male skin differs radically to that of female skin. With this in mind, as far back as its inception in 1987, Cellap Laboratoire created a skincare range for men. Designed to respond to the needs of male skin and packed full of targeted active ingredients, these state-of-the-art skincare cosmetics contain concentrations adapted to both the skin’s physiological age and its inherent qualities.


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