It all began in Paris, in the late 1970s. Mr Pierre Fabre, a visionary pharmacist and the inventor of dermo-cosmetics, imagined a brand that would combine the rigour of the pharmaceutical industry and the refinement of the beauty world. Drawing on his pharmaceutical expertise and knowledge of the Art of formulation, he imagined and created high-quality cosmetics.

Each creation has been the fruit of the pharmaceutical culture of Pierre Fabre Laboratories and expertise in galenic formulation. By applying his expertise as a pharmacist and knowledge of the Art of formulation, Pierre Fabre revolutionised cosmetics and beauty. Shared passion and expertise passed on between Master formulators. They work with imagination and rigour to develop innovative new formulas. This quest for perfection is made possible by the transmission of expertise and perfectly mastered expertise. Their success is a perfect combination of rigour, effectiveness and sensory appeal to offer every woman excellence. Galénic creates the highest quality cosmetics for women who know what they want.

Our Master formulators’ expertise ensures that each and every one of our care products is an exceptional formula. Combining finesse with pharmaceutical precision, the Master formulators create a tailor-made formula for each active ingredient to boost its effectiveness and leave your skin feeling like never before.

Galénic, Creator of exceptional formulas.


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