Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter™ X6


AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories, the World’s Dead Sea Beauty Authority, has taken its greatest proprietary innovation, the Osmoter™,  and made it six times stronger, to correct visible signs of advanced skin aging.  After the globally -successful launch of  the Dead Sea Osmoter™ Concentrate Moisture and Radiance Boosting Serum,  which features 3X AHAVA’s proprietary Osmoter™,  NEW DEAD SEA CRYSTAL OSMOTER™ X6 is the most  mineral-concentrated serum that AHAVA Laboratories has ever created.  It is the ultimate solution for intense wrinkle reduction, firming and radiance – reinvented.

“For women with multiple signs of aging and who wonder where did their  glow go?”  says Rahel Danon, Chief Marketing Officer at AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories, “New Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter™ X6 Facial Serum is the formula she’s been hoping for. This silky-smooth, lightweight yet potent, oil-based serum is a powerful solution for skin that shows prominent UV damage, pollution and lifestyle damage, hyper dryness, deeper wrinkles, loss of elasticity and radiance! This formula has a miraculous effect on stopping time, especially after age 50.”

  • 95% of women experienced a  significant reduction in wrinkle depth after 28 days*
  • 90% of women experienced a significant increase in skin firming after 28 days*
  • 84% of women reported Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter™X6  gives their skin a healthy glow after 14 days of usage**

*Measured in clinical studies performed by an independent Institution of Dermatology.
**Tested in consumer use test conducted by an independent research company.


After five years of intensive research to find a delivery system that could provide skin with high levels of concentrated Osmoter™, AHAVA scientists extracted and micronized  its mineral waters into crystals—and then infused them with the purest form of Dead Sea Jojoba Oil.  The result is a turbo-charged lipid based serum that merges with the surface layers of the skin with the greatest of ease, delivering the most essential active ingredients to strengthen and revive even the most visible signs of aging.  The extended power of the Osmoter™ to activate the skin’s natural osmotic pump to elevate its nutrients from within is now, more than ever, six times the power.


See the visible signs of aging you thought was forever, instantly begin to fade. Younger-looking skin is revealed with new glow, new life. Powered by 6X Osmoter™, AHAVA’s exclusive blend of Dead Sea minerals, and infused with the purest form of quickly-absorbed  Jojoba Oil— you can feel its natural warmth spreading across your skin like the amazing after-feel of bathing in the Dead Sea.

  • Significantly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Retains high moisture content.
  • Reinforces elasticity and firmness.
  • Renews skin’s healthy glow.
  • Softens and smoothes rough skin texture.
  • Approved for sensitive skin.
  • Paraben free.  Allergy tested. Ophthalmologist tested.

Usage: Gently massage 3- 4 drops onto clean skin AM and PM.  Follow with a day or night moisturizer.

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