The Mindful Touch by Natura Bissé: connect with your skin!

Relax your body and awaken your senses. This is the ambitious goal of the new 360° protocol by Natura Bissé, “The Mindful Touch: Your Mindfulness Spa Experience“, based on a concept of beauty as the necessary connection between body and mind.

This cutting-edge ritual is the most innovative and trailblazing venture within the spa sector. Thanks to the most exclusive skincare, the therapist’s expertise –the touch– and a virtual reality video inspired by mindfulness, the client not only shows off beautiful skin, but also enjoys all the physical nuances of the treatment and feels the pleasure of beauty in a more intense way.
“The Mindful Touch: Your Mindfulness Spa Experience“ goes far beyond skincare due to the excellent results of treatment –whether for face or body– and the exceptional level of well-being achieved. For Natura Bissé, beauty is not only a matter of appearance, but of health and inner balance, and this ritual accomplishes precisely that.

“The Mindful Touch: Your Mindfulness Spa Experience” begins with an immersive virtual reality video and an audio that invites the client to focus on their breathing and on their body sensations. It instantly immerses the customers into a state of mindfulness that allows them to fully enjoy the physical nuances of the treatment through the senses, release tension and reconnect with themselves. Once the short film is finished, the session continues with a delicate voice-over that helps the clients anchor themselves in the present moment and to experience the beauty ritual with absolute intensity.

This technological innovation, combined with a unique skincare treatment, results in a transformative wellness experience for body and mind. The client ends the ritual feeling totally relaxed, in a state of absolute calm and serenity and with exceptional immediate results on their skin. Thanks to the combination of mindfulness technique and virtual reality, the clients become more aware than ever before of their senses, especially of the incredible power of touch, the first sense that the human being develops. Every touch awakens some of the millions of receptors on our skin and triggers the release of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, known as ‘happy neurochemicals’, related to positive mood and feelings. In addition, the levels of cortisol are reduced, one of the hormones released in response to stress”, explains Patricia Fisas, Board Member and Director of Innovation and Product Development for Natura Bissé.


Da Settembre a Dicembre è possibile provare il trattamento The Mindful Touch, presso i seguenti punti vendita

Romans Club, corso Sempione 30 Milano – 26 e 27 Settembre.

Farmacia Ferretti, Piazza Tebaldo Brusato Brescia – 5-6-7 ottobre

Profumeria Mazzolari, Corso Monforte, 2  Milano – 10-11-12 ottobre

Profumeria Parenti, Via Monte Santo 32/34 Roma – 18-19-20 ottobre

Nails and Makeup, Via Interiano 7/9 Genova – 25-26-27 ottobre

Campomarzio70, Piazza della Rotonda 70A – Roma – 7-8 novembre

Baldovinetti39, Via Baldovinetti, 39 – Roma – 9-10-11 novembre

Farmacia Ponte Vittoria, Via Visconti di Modrone, 1 – Milano – 14-15-16 novembre

Profumeria Curti, Via della Sapienza 9/11 – Viterbo – 23-24-25 novembre

Alla Violetta Boutique, Via dei Mille 37 – Napoli  – 28-29 novembre

Beauty Life, Via Mura dei Francesi 193 – Ciampino – 30 novembre – 1 e 2 dicembre



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