NEW Inhibit High Definition Treatment, the perfect combination to fight against ageing


Once again Natura Bissé has revolutionized the world of beauty with a spectacular, non-invasive treatment that combines two powerful, high-performance formulations –INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION SERUM and INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION PATCHES– capable of visibly smoothing skin texture, providing incredible rejuvenating action that reveals high definition skin. So many women today are looking for skin that is well cared for and also looks natural and vibrant; smooth, defined skin, but without visible signs of aging. Women who want to be able to live, feel and express themselves, reflecting their true beauty and maintaining young, radiant skin. Natura Bissé wants to provide the answer to meet this need.
Continuing the success begun in 2003, working in parallel to industry advances and adapting to the demands of increasingly savvy customers, the company has once again created the best complement and cosmetic alternative to medical aesthetic procedures: this time, with an elite dual treatment that offers unprecedented results in softening expression lines.


This highly ingenious concentrated serum with a lifting effect, designed for daily use, noticeably softens wrinkles thanks to Natura Bissé’s exclusive SKINFORM MOLECULAR TECHNOLOGY®, which has created a bioassimilable megafusion of antiaging ingredients (71%). It includes molecules that inhibit facial contractions, triple hyaluronic acid, and hydrating superfilling agents that provide skin with volume and density from within. It also contains firming and restructuring peptides that, together with a cocktail of 6 key growth factors for skin regeneration, are able to reform skin texture, achieving visible results with the first few applications.


Developed with the most avant-garde technology, backed by 13 patents, these innovative filler patches contain hundreds of painless microneedles formed by powerful rejuvenating active ingredients –double hyaluronic acid and conotoxin– that directly penetrate the epidermis where they dissolve, filling expression lines and wrinkles from within, visibly and instantly improving skin’s appearance.
From the first applications of INHIBIT HIGH DEFINITION TREATMENT, lines and small wrinkles are significantly reduced while skin becomes more supple and hydrated. Day by day, skin is revitalized and feels tighter and more toned. Just 4 weeks of use results in high definition skin.


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