STOP Irritation! New S.O.S Instant Rescue Natura Bissé

S.O.S. INSTANT RESCUE, a revolutionary multifunctional cosmetic that provides instant relief to sensitive or irritated skin — due to allergens, pollution, outdoor activities, low temperatures, intense heat, perspiration, long airplane trips, aesthetic medical procedures, etc. A unique formulation with a high concentration of active ingredients that are able to strengthen the epidermal barrier. The go-to product for any skin discomfort.


The ultra-effective formula of S.O.S. INSTANT RESCUE includes a powerful combination of soothing and softening ingredients such as Arnica montana (7%), organic aloe vera (2%) and the innovative Phytocután® (5%), an exclusive in the cosmetic industry. Tested in hospitals, Phytocután® was developed by a prestigious medical group in collaboration with Dr. Jorge Planas, a renowned specialist in plastic surgery and aesthetics and Medical Director at the Clínica Planas in Barcelona.

Phytocután® is obtained through a patented extraction system that uses photo-stimulation technology to treat the calendula. This system allows for the extraction of an active ingredient that is easily bio-assimilated. Since it is able to penetrate the skin so well, Phytocután® greatly increases the effectiveness of the calendula. Rich in flavonoids, it is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and healing properties; in addition to being soothing, it effectively protects the skin.

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