Our company was born and is nowadays growing and developing in Milano, cornerstone of the dynamics of all the Italian markets, in particular the cosmetic one. A strategical position that allows us to be everyday in touch with the key players and the main trends of this field, both national and coming from abroad, observing their evolution from a privileged point of view. This city has surely gained a strong appeal for international partners that choose it as starting step for the access in the Italian market.

Adele Schipani




The research of a personal and uncharted challenge.
I think that this is the leitmotif of my individual story.
Following this wish, after working for my family’s company in the oil field, I found my own way in the beauty world. I wanted so much a different path that, in 2010, I founded my start up, and today I feel that it emotionally belongs also to my collaborators and partners, a team of people that share with me passion and loyalty to Luxury Lab Cosmetics.
I express here my complete know how, from my very first working years and my MBA at the Politecnico di Milano. My mission is to find brands with personality, help them in defining their identity and telling their story in the most suitable way.
Always in search of something beautiful, different, unique, with an intrinsic value. Like a talent scout, I’m looking for brands with the LLC factor. This is my way to give worth to my company: selecting brands, knowing them and their potential, and then leading them along an original and new route.
I’m a CEO and I try all the skincare products we will propose to our clients. I like to think that my senses are sharpening, also thanks to the ONAV course as wine tester. Searching, once more: that very special details that can flair and conquer even the more demanding client.
Personally, I find inspiration in art, travel, everything that can be beauty, including my family – my husband and my two wonderful children always looking for moments to share and spend together.
Chemistry, enology, cosmetics: someone told me that I follow an invisible track with a bloodhound instinct, distinguishing and identifying the molecules that will make the different in my business and in my life.

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